ESG Contribution

Irasus catalyses the transformation to a lower-carbon energy future by enhancing the utilization of clean-tech infrastructure—specifically electricity generation and storage assets—by making them more affordable (lower cost of energy), safe, reliable and durable.

We offer continuous monitoring and control of clean-tech assets in order to enable operations research analytics.

Irasus Preksha database is the most advanced solution for ingesting, processing and storing large volumes of high-velocity, high-integrity electrical data from Industrial IoT and SCADA systems.

Employment Creation

Irasus creates jobs in the industries of IT, energy and power, and automobiles.
Our offerings are software products for power equipment manufacturers catering to electrification of the automobile sector.
The paradigm shift from incumbent technologies i.e. diesel internal combustion, positions us as a contributor to transfer of skills into the clean-tech workforce in India.


Improving lithium-ion battery safety, reliability and longevity through continuous monitoring of on-field batteries entails trend analysis of charging and discharging patterns throughout the battery’s lifetime across all batteries in the network.

The Irasus Preksha platform is designed for battery pack manufacturers to acquire and utilize battery data for new product development, manufacturing, assembly and quality testing, system design and integration, on-field operations and maintenance, warranty and after-sales technical support management, and battery disposal and recycling.

Lowering Carbon Emissions

Irasus enables better utilization of clean-tech infrastructure — as a consequence of that, we lower the carbon footprint of our daily energy usage directly via improvements in safety, reliability, durability and affordability of electric vehicle batteries, grid-connected energy storage systems and renewable electricity generation.